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We believe in the unlimited human, capable of profound transformation and evolution. We believe in companies as an extension, a creation of the human being, also capable of transformation and evolution.

We believe it’s our responsibility on earth to bring our visions to life honoring the gifts and opportunities we were given, to create and birth ideas, to bring action within inspiration, to execute beautifully and respectfully,


We believe in creatives, in visionaries, in the odds that don’t fit in quite well in the current structure. We believe in the revolution of the status quo, in those who push limits, that think outside of the box to evolve what is currently in place.


We respect entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. We value creativity. We enjoy the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.


We care about standards, for ourselves and for others. Accountability and responsibility are catalysts to growth.


We believe in freedom. We believe that freedom in all its forms (personal, financial, mental, spiritual) are at the basis of human creativity. We believe that freedom allows for opportunities.


We operate with consistency. We are committed to results that come from having a vision and its relentless pursuit.


We respect taking calculated risks. We respect working efficiently and smartly. We respect clear goals, metrics, and transparent results.


We believe in teams and the undeniable power of connected hearts and brains. We are stronger together than apart.


We believe in opportunity, we believe in the power of words, of thought, of beliefs that can transform our realities and our businesses' realities.


We believe in ideas, in big ideas, in crazy ideas, and of course, in big crazy ideas. And we are passionate about proofing these ideas with execution, metrics, results, and evolving science.


We understand change, we understand how to modify the course of action, course of thought, and how to adapt to our environment in business, and in life.


We believe in the human as a connected body, mind, and spirit. We believe our physical, mental, emotional, financial health are a mirror of the individual. We believe that to belong in the collective, the individual must develop as an individual first. We believe in the need for both dependence and independence.


We believe in self-development, self-education, and self-introspection. We strive for lifelong learning. We believe in growth.

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My mission

Why we do things matters. This is why I love building businesses. This is my story.


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