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Working with Daniella was a great experience. She was able to rapidly scale the business, gathering together professionals from a variety of specializations. Her appetite for information was endless, and I saw the organization reach new levels under her leadership.

Shawn Livermore | Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant

We meet many people every day, but only some leave marks, and one of them is Daniella. She is smart and handles every situation very carefully and in the right manner. In depth knowledge of evolving web technology and trends, and how to apply it to the business. She is punctual, hard-working, and has special abilities to lead an eCommerce business. I highly recommend working with Daniella to get the best out of everything.

Bipin Jain, founder @EngrossInfotech

I would highly recommend Daniella to any business or team. Daniella brings positive energy, a vast array of knowledge, a commitment to success, and compassionate leadership every day. She is committed to growing the company she is working with and the members of her team.

You’ve been an excellent coach with giving directions and educating me and the people around you. I learned the importance of copywriting, attention to detail, and how to work independently. But most importantly you taught me how important it is to have fun at work, to love what you're doing.

Emelie Olin, Founder @Fedoraine

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I run my own business and I go through different team members constantly, trying to find the “right person” to create content. I have a different view of branding now. Bunch of thanks!

Lindley Cerrato, Surgeon Doctor, Founder

I worked with Daniella for close to 2 years at BalanceGenics. During my time there, she helped me grow as a marketing professional by supporting me, motivating me to push myself further, and inspiring me to keep learning. As a manager, Daniella displays integrity, optimism, understanding, and a clear vision. She was always open to improving herself and encouraging everyone else on the team to do the same. I'm glad I was able to work with Daniella.

Stephanie Winter, Marketing Manager

I have learned a lot from working with Daniella for almost a year. She is skilled in business and project management and has a great eye for branding and design. She is a compassionate leader who is driven by a desire to make an impact and is committed to personal growth. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with her.

Camila Rodríguez, Founder @buildingbilingualbrains

Daniella is very solution-oriented and collaborative, it was a joy working with Daniella. I would definitely recommend others to connect and work with Daniella, she has a lot of lived experience, great perspective and character..

Jasmine R. W. Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager

Daniella is a phenomenal eCommerce game changer. If you're looking for EXPLOSIVE GROWTH... hit her up!

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About Daniella


Daniella Serquen is a fractional COO and executive director of eCommerce companies. Daniella has helped build online companies from 0 to 7 figures in annual sales. Daniella founded her first company while she was still in college. Fast-forward, Daniella became president of BalanceGenics, a USA-based online dietary supplement company. After going through the process of selling the company, she began to share what she had learned about building & scaling eCommerce companies.

Daniella loves partnering with mission-driven founders and CEOs. Daniella believes in the ability of human beings to evolve through personal development and self-education. Daniella believes in the importance of learning to regulate our emotions, communicate, create empowering habits, and change old ways of thinking that prevent us from reaching our full professional and personal potential.

Daniella studied Bilingual Audiovisual Communication at the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) and graduated from California State University Long Beach, California (USA) with a degree in Film & Electronic Arts and a specialty in Production. Daniella was born in Peru, she lived in southern Spain for most of her life and now lives in Orange County, California. Daniella is bilingual in English and Spanish.

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