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About me

The fancy version

Daniella Serquen is a fractional COO and executive director of eCommerce companies. Daniella has helped build online companies from 0 to 7 figures in annual sales. Daniella founded her first company while she was still in college. Fast-forward, Daniella became president of BalanceGenics, a USA-based online dietary supplement company. After going through the process of selling the company, she began to share what she had learned about building & scaling eCommerce companies.

Daniella loves partnering with mission-driven founders and CEOs. Daniella believes in the ability of human beings to evolve through personal development and self-education. Daniella believes in the importance of learning to regulate our emotions, communicate, create empowering habits, and change old ways of thinking that prevent us from reaching our full professional and personal potential.

Daniella studied Bilingual Audiovisual Communication at the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) and graduated from California State University Long Beach, California (USA) with a degree in Film & Electronic Arts and a specialty in Production. Daniella was born in Peru, she lived in southern Spain for most of her life and now lives in Orange County, California. Daniella is bilingual in English and Spanish.





Helped generate over $3.5MM in sales for eCommerce start-ups and digital services.





Oversaw a total of 1.5M in advertising budget for eCommerce and digital services companies.




Led the build-out of an eCommerce company that generated 1MM in revenue in less than 1 year.


We meet many people every day, but only some leave marks, and one of them is Daniella. She is smart and handles every situation very carefully and in the right manner. In depth knowledge of evolving web technology and trends, and how to apply it to the business. She is punctual, hard-working, and has special abilities to lead an eCommerce business. I highly recommend working with Daniella to get the best out of everything.

Bipin Jain, founder @EngrossInfotech

Down to the nitty-gritty

My top 5 business lessons

From employee to founder

Lesson 1

Build a team & learn how to delegate

One of the most important lessons I have learned throughout my career is that I can't do everything on my own. I need help. I need others - and not just their time, but their gifts, skills, and creativity. The most difficult part of this process is trust.

Start by building trust in yourself and getting clear on your vision. Learn how to find and hire talent, establish clear KPIs and try out different ways to manage projects and teams. If this is not you, you can be the visionary who works alongside a manager that can provide a solid structure for your team to thrive.

From Marketing Director to President

Lesson 2

Know your numbers

You don't know your business if you don't know your numbers. Can I bold that? Sometimes our vision is big and our notion of time and resources becomes inaccurate. When it comes to running your business, don't guess and don't operate solely from projections.
Define how your team's time and projects are impacting costs and revenue. Look at your numbers every day, every week, every month. Or have someone who does (and who is clear on performance benchmarks) and that can report to you periodically. 
From the first brand I ever built from scratch

Lesson 3

Value proposition wins

In the digital world, the power of branding, marketing, and value proposition are the catalysts for connection and relationships with your customers. Your branding is - besides your logo and colors - your message, your why, the values that you inspire in this world. Your marketing is the communication that creates a relationship between your business and your customers.
Value proposition is presenting to your customer a clear picture of how your products or services are going to impact their lives, solving their problem or need. Presenting the value rather than the features or benefits of what you are selling. It is a combination of these 3 elements that create magic. Are you focused on transactions, rather than relationships?
From my time as a film producer

Lesson 4

Take calculated risks

Something that I learned as a producer, is to identify the true risks I am taking when I am pursuing an opportunity. If you are considering taking a risk, project the cost and lay it next to the long-term benefit (quantitative and qualitative). Generate a view of the worst-case scenario and the best-case scenario.
Understand that when taking risks, there may be unforeseen elements that you were not able to predict, and were not able to prepare for. Also, in business and in life, things take longer and cost more than what you may anticipate. Learn how to course-correct immediately on the spot, trusting the market's feedback, the numbers and your intuition
The process of building businesses is an intense journey. Highs and lows will come. My view on it - through thin and thick do your best to have fun. Fun inspires creativity, creates forward energy, and fosters gratitude for yourself and your team. Don't lose the human element of connection, both your customers and your teams are human beings who are searching for love, connection, purpose, and peace.
Bottom line:

Lesson 5

Have fun & go big!


I have learned a lot from working with Daniella for almost a year. She is skilled in business and project management and has a great eye for branding and design. She is a compassionate leader who is driven by a desire to make an impact and is committed to personal growth. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with her.

Camila Rodríguez, Founder @buildingbilingualbrains

Some other cool stuff I've learned

KPIs & Profitability

Led P&L, advertising budget + connected KPIs to profitability - specially handy when we sold a company for the 1st time

Teams & Leadership

Built multiple eCommerce teams from the ground up that stayed long term

Product & web launches

Led multiple product & website launches from ideation to completion

Subscription Models

Set up & managed up to 2K product subscriptions, technical issues, churn & projections

Content creation

Produced over hundreds of blogs, videos, social media content, emails, courses, liveshows, podcasts.

#1 Google Ranking Pages

Multiple pages ranking from different companies in the #1 page results in Google search leveraging content creation and SEO

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My mission

Why we do things matters. This is why I love building businesses. This is my story.


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